AdWords Campaigns (PPC)

PPC (Pay Per Click) is a model of Google AdWords billing, where the advertisers pay a fee for every click in the ad that leads to advertiser’s website. This system is called „paid results”, in comparison to the „organic results” which are displayed under paid advertising search results.
Presence of our ad in the paid search results depends on PPC campaign optimisation, which is influenced by the phrases competitiveness, adjustment of the phrase to users questions, or the charge per click.
Check out our AdWords campaigns and explore the possibilities of the most popular form of Google advertising!

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Immediate effect

Organic positioning (SEO) is a long process which may often take several months. If you would like to quickly appear among the top search engine results, investing in PPC campaign might be worth considering. Invest and you will see the effects in no time!

Measuring results

Google AdWords allows for a thorough analysis of PPC campaigns. You can measure the effectiveness of online actions anytime you want and see which campaign brings most profits, what is the conversion and views number, or click-through-rate of a given ad.

Filtering customers

AdWords system allows you to display the ads only to the selected audience. You can be sure that the advertisements will not be seen by random users, but only by your potential customers, interested in the products or services you offer.

Payment for effect

Pay Per Click campaigns require you to pay only for the click in the ad, displaying ad in Google is free. You can be sure that if you have a friendly website and the user can found there what they are looking for, you will increase your profits.

Continuous improvement

depending on changes in market conditions or trends, you can always optimise and modify your PPC campaign, to constantly keep an eye on your business online visibility and quickly react to any changes.

Local/ global advertising

AdWords is a perfect tool for performance campaign, allowing you to both reach the consumers in your area, and to promote your business in the whole Poland, or even to try expanding to foreign markets!

PPC Management

We know that Google AdWords and Bing Ads advertising platform are really important for online business performance. From our experience in running PPC campaign, we know how to take each business to the next level of development. We will adapt your online strategy to the market demands. We provide you support and advice on achieving business goals and we can help you to increase your brand awareness and sales. Let our professionals help your business. They have been managing B2B and B2C sponsored campaigns for 6 years, working in the following fields:

Finances and investment


Legal and transaction consultancy


Law offices

Management systems certification

Public benefit organizations

adwords campaigns management

Our PPC services

PPC Audit

Every PPC audit starts with learning about your company activities, environment and about your business sector. Based on that knowledge, we analyse your current online business condition. The audit reviews effectiveness of your online marketing actions and points out areas for improvement.

Bing Ads

We have the skills and experience in PPC Bing Ad campaigns management. If you would like to expand your online presence to another search engine and constantly increase the reach of your products or services - use the potential of Bing Ads!

PPC Strategy Development

We take over the responsibility for preparing professional strategy for promoting your business in paid search results. We prepare a detailed report with expected PPC traffic. Then we implement the strategy.

AdWords image ads

We will prepare graphics for your ads. We know current trends which show that nowadays people tend to pay more attention to images instead of focusing on the text. Our designers can prepare unique ads for your business!

Google AdWords Optimization

Our services in the area of PPC campaign management comprise also a comprehensive search engine optimisation of your business campaign. We constantly monitor the return on investment (ROI) or click-through-rate to effectively manage the entire promotion process.

Remarketing & Retargeting

We can improve ROI and increase your ads conversion by implementing remarketing that will display the advertisements for the users who have previously visited your website, but who did not perform the required action (e.g. subscribing to newsletter, using contact form or finalising a purchase).

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Short description of a sample PPC campaign:

  • Developing your PPC campaign strategy
  • Researching the keywords potential and selecting them
  • Creative ads development
  • Establishing campaign
  • Determining rates and ROI monitoring
  • Landing pages development and optimization
  • Campaigns surveillance, verification and optimization
  • Reporting to the customer

Reporting to the customer

We present monthly reports on your PPC campaign results, which include selected keywords and ad content. Then we prepare a report of the presence of ads on individual positions in the search results – so that you know what you pay for! In addition, after you review the report, we reserve one hour (on your request, we can dedicate more time for that) to talk with your team members and analyse the campaign progress and further development directions.

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Our offer comprises a wide range of services related to areas such as website and online store design for SEO, built in accordance with the highest standards of usability and user-friendliness, Pay Per Click campaigns (AdWords), affiliate marketing, website audits, social media optimisation and providing personalised e-mail marketing campaigns.

  • We highly value the services of Penguinbehaviour – Adwords audid and optimisation of processed needed for effective advertising concentrated on specific phrases we cared about them most

    Anna Jakubowska
    Anna Jakubowska
  • Thanks to AdWords, our company gained new clients. Penguinbehaviour employees has comprehensively prepared both text and image ads, and managed the campaign in search engines. I totally recommend working with this internet agency from Wroclaw

    Weronika Błaszkiewicz
    Weronika Błaszkiewicz
    ZETA – Grants and Financial Projects

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