What is Ecommerce Marketing?

E-commerce marketing is a set of online activities aimed at persuading the users to purchase particular products or services on a given sales platform.
Efficient of e-Commerce Marketing team must have interdisciplinary knowledge on social media, search engines positioning, PPC, graphic design and advertising, email marketing and bulidng a positive brand image.

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Positioning (SEO) for E-Commerce

For your e-commerce business, we will manage a SEO campaign that ensure high return on investment (ROI) and bring long-term benefits in the form of position among top 10 results in search engines (we know that only a small percentage of all users goes to the second page of the search results).

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PPC campaign management for E-Commerce

We will manage performance PPC campaigns for your business. We will adapt and optimize the projects for your individual needs and requirements, both in the search and advertising networks, as well as in remarketing. Increase sales by paying for actual clicks!

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Social Media campaigns

We manage social media campaigns (including Facebook Ads) and manage our Clients' corporate profiles to effectively build a professional image of a company that undertakes its activities with the Customers in mind.


Positioning (SEO)

Search engine optimization, better known as SEO, is one of the key parts of e-commerce marketing. The effects of positioning can be achieved with effective onsite (search engine optimisation) and offsite activities (including linkbuilding and content marketing). Position among the top engine search results offers a real opportunity to increase the traffic on our website, which, in effect can influence on increasing the sales in our business.

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PPC (AdWords ad in Google seach) is the second, besides SEO, most important method of promotion in a search engine Just as positioning, PPC is based on key phrases entered by users. The difference is that AdWords are paid by the advertisers (fixing the rates per click in AdWords system, displaying frequency, target group for which the ads are to be displayed, or matching keywords to users queries). PPC campaigns for E-commerce sector should be treated equally as other forms of advertising – only synergy of actions can ensure expected level of sales. Missing or insufficient use of one of the channels might cause a gap in the sales funnel.

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Social media marketing

Social media marketing is effective communication with existing and potential customers through available platforms and websites. This means also organizing marketing campaigns that use the systems designed for advertisers available on these platforms. Activity of E-commerce businesses in social media can considerably influence the chances to attract new Clients – using promotional campaigns, sales and discounts for products or services – and it really facilitates creation of company image.

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Display advertising

Image ads (display) for smaller eCommerce organisation might seem rather complicated, but from our experience, it is really cost effective and it is worth to consider this form of promotion in marketing actions. Especially, given the fact that this allows us to easily present our product – nothing can better „describe” our product that a perfectly selected illustration.
In addition, by launching banner campaigns on relevant blogs, forums and services, we can present our products to the most interested audience.

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We offer a wide range of services related to such areas as websites and online shops design for SEO and in accordance with the highest standards of usability and user-friendliness, Pay Per Click (AdWords) campaigns, affiliate marketing, websites audits, social media optimisation or organizing personalised e-mail marketing campaigns.

  • By effectively positioning and promotion in paid AdWords ads, the sales of our e-training on advanced quality planning increased by several dozen percent. As satisfied Clients, we recommend Penguinbehaviour.

    Renata Galej
    Renata Galej
    Vice-chairman - AQP

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