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For our clients, we conduct e-mail marketing campaigns, having in mind diversification of the channels for reaching potential clients, and unfailing power of this method of communication with target group.
We segment and personalize each mailing, because we know that only a tailored campaign has a chance of success – an inquiry for quotation, subscribing to newsletter, etc.

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We are well aware that professionally prepared e-mail marketing campaign, as one of the basic methods of building long-term relationships with clients and informing them about new products or services or creating company image, is an effective direct marketing tool.

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Promotion of a new product or service

We know how important it is to promote a new product or service on the internet. E-mail marketing is perfect for that purpose - you can quickly notify your subscribers about any news. This communication method involves little budget and requires only a creative approach to construing the email content.

Information on sales and discounts

This option is particularly important for the E-Commerce sector. Sending e-mail marketing allows us to immediately reach a selected group of recipients with our special offer, which is a great advantage, considering how quickly the promotions expire.

Abandoned shopping cart in online store

Studies show that nearly 70% of users will abandon their shopping cart before they decide to make purchase. Sending e-mail campaign to these users may remind them about lack of conversion. In this case, the e-mail can also include information about ``buy-now discounts``.

Building brand image

E-mail marketing campaigns can also have informative purposes. We can use the e-mails to inform about upcoming events or actions (e.g. charity) in the organisation. Even if not all users open this e-mail, the group that does will get another reason to view your organisation as a socially responsible entity.

Expressing opinions about a product or service

If you already have some reviews of your product or services, you can easily use them to create an e-mail marketing campaign. In your e-mail you can inform about the number of users that wrote a review, which can encourage next users to present their own opinions about your products of services. This is also a good way of informing others about your product or service that has gained a lot of trust, and contributing to a chance of sale.

Call to action

E-mail marketing campaign can easily call a considerable group of recipients to take the action we want. For example, such phrases as ``Buy now and get 100 PLN discount`` (referring to a product this user has been previously looking for on the internet) can encourage a person, that is already interested in a given product to purchase it from us.


Design responsive e-mail templates

We code the e-mail templates in HTML and CSS which allow us to design e-mails adapted to mobile devices.

E-mail Marketing Automation

Our experts on campaign automation can help you to increase revenues and return on investment with the automation of sending process which will save your time and money.

E-mail copywriting

We write catchy and user-friendly content for e-mail campaigns. We know how important it is that the content is appealing as this allows us to increase ROI.

Comprehensive E-mail Marketing Management

We work with tools that allow us to effectively manage e-mail campaigns (recipients data base, email segmentation, integration with landing pages on your websites).

Creating and launching campaign

We are focused on increasing our campaigns efficiency by targeting the audience and delivering them an adequate message, adapted to their needs and knowledge.

Consumers database segmentation

We manage consumer databases to personalise the e-mails. We are certain that only a campaign addressed to a correctly selected group can result in clients inquiries. This would never happen if we would be targeting people who are not interested in your products or services.


Creating e-mail newsletter

We design engaging e-mail campaigns with the use of intuitive and advanced tools. We guarantee that each of your campaigns will be professionally looking and technically advanced.

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Sending e-mail campaign and guarantee a delivery

It does not matter to us to what device we send our e-mails. All templates we prepare are responsive, which means that they adapt to the devices they are viewed on.
Each design is saved in the cloud, which allows us to access it everywhere and every time, and resend the e-mails to a selected target group.
After each dispatch we check conversion reports and statistics, so that we can improve the templates and subject them to further A/B testing.

A/B testing

A/B tests allow us to select the most appropriate e-mail form. Split tests performed on a selected target group provide us with answers to the question on the rightness of a given choice. The tests give us the information on the audience group that responds better to a given message template. This allows us to properly choose the layout and content.

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monitoring email marketing campaigns

Campaign monitoring

We offer our clients a permanent insight into the effectiveness of their e-mail marketing campaigns. We guarantee transparency, availability and integrity of shared data, so that our customers can verify the results of our work anytime they want.

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We offer a wide range of services related to such areas as websites and online shops design for SEO and in accordance with the highest standards of usability and user-friendliness, Pay Per Click (AdWords) campaigns, affiliate marketing, websites audits, social media optimisation or organizing personalised e-mail marketing campaigns.

  • We have contracted Penguinbehaviour to prepare e-mail advertisements and we were not disappointed. We received professionally prepared graphic visualisation and comprehensive management of recipients databases. In addition, every month we receive progress reports. We recommend this company as an effective business partner.

    Michał Wilczyński
    Michał Wilczyński
    ZETA - Grants and financial projects
  • Thanks to e-mail campaigns we were able to reach new markets and in results, gain new Clients. Penguinbehaviour employees are worth recommending professionals.

    Małgorzata Wrońska
    Małgorzata Wrońska
    Exova BM TRADA

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