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Local Marketing is a key component of any successful and comprehensive online marketing strategy. For a company with multiple locations or corporations seeking more customers in local markets of their interests, traditional approach to SEO is not enough. In fact, marketing targeted to local audience requires a carefully prepared strategy, adapted to local trends and realities.
Approach to local marketing through business should be an integral part of the overall online business activities, which would increase the brand awareness on local market and improve customer loyalty towards products or services, and in turn, boost the sales and positively influence the company development.

local business marketing


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Search Engine Optimization for local search

Conducting SEO audit and optimisation (e.g. meta tags, KML geo sitemap, „contact” tab, NAP (Name Address Phone), or Google My Business) for local search are the first steps taken by our agency to start implementing comprehensive local online marketing strategy for companies.
We verify your website index status and potential related issues and verify if your website is mobile device friendly. Using mobile devices to search for local services is getting more and more popular, therefore it is so important to ensure your page can be displayed on devices other than computers.
We realize that local business have great development potential, and we know that a correctly managed local SEO campaign is a basis for your company development.
Increase your local visibility and let your customers find you online!


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Local business lists – business directories

We create profiles on the websites with local business lists, to increase the chances that your company appear in the search results. In case of local search of specific services, it is important to ensure that the information about a given organisation is diverse. Creating a business card in business directories, including the scope of activities, website address and contact details can help your potential clients to reach your company.

Local PPC

We manage AdWords campaigns dedicated to local entrepreneurs who want to immediately appear among the top search results.
Local PPC is a quick way for advertising your business on the Web, and a great opportunity to attract new clients who have not heard about you before. We narrow the campaigns to your business local area (your city and surrounding area) to reach in this way the users who are most likely interested in your products or services.
We optimise the entire campaigning process, to give your business a chance to increase profits, reducing at the same time online marketing costs.

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social media promotion for small medium companies

Social Media Marketing

Just as the majority of population, your clients are using social media. That is why our offer includes social media management, enabling you to involve in interactions with clients and discuss your products/services.
We increase consumers brand awareness, and we will give them a chance for discussing issues related to your business activities.
Our employees will select the best solutions and platforms which are worth using to inform the customers about your activities.

Image and reviews

We know that positive reviews of products or services are extremely important – most internet users read the reviews and opinions before they make purchase, to make sure they make a right decision. Social media, web directories, and search results are the best place for publishing positive reviews about your products or services. We can offer constant monitoring and support of your online image with a complete service including Social Media + SEO + Content Marketing.

Are you a small entrepreneur who has not yet moved their business online?

We can create your online business from scratch! Take a look at the following steps to build your online presence


how to choose domain for website

If you are thinking about starting your business online, finding a memorable yet unique domain name is a great way to promote your business on the web. It is important that the domain intrigues and encourages your potential customers to visit.
Here are some characteristics of a good domain names:

  • Easy to remember
  • Adequate to your business profile
  • Easy to pronounce
  • They don’t contain hyphens
  • They are short and don’t contain generic names
  • They don’t contain incorrect keywords

Most importantly, your choice should reflect your business activities (it could be in foreign language as well)
Keep it simple and think about perception of your potential clients.
At request, we can propose several versions of the domain name.


how to choose server for website

Review your requirements

When selecting a server, you should not only look at current needs, but consider also possible future requirements. Therefore, we recommend choosing the accounts with at least average performance.

Selecting server type

There are 3 types of servers to choose from: shared with other users, virtual, and dedicated. When selecting the server, you should consider scale of your business and the potential traffic on the website.

Comparison of server attributes

You should compare such characteristics as capacity, bandwidth, security, supported scripts, databases and maximum processes load and limits.

Order Server

After selecting the appropriate server, each user receives an email with access and all authorities needed to use the server resources.


making responsive webistes poland


Planning the website is one of the most important stages of project management. At this point all of the most important decisions are made.


Website design means mainly implementation of the solutions presented at project planning. At this stage, functional and graphic designs are created.


Development includes mostly programming, and implementation of the content, graphic design and website functionalities into an actual operating system.

Launching the system

At this phase, the website is launched for the public. This is the moment when all the details take their final shape. At this point, User Experience and User Interface play a key role.


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Keyword analysis

Market and sector research are necessary to learn what kind of methods are used by the users who are looking for the companies from your sector. We verify the keywords adapted to your business environment and included in the website content.

On-Page SEO

Search engine optimization covers such activities as review of trends and competitiveness, using keywords and placing them in the website content, review of the text readability, creating clear and adjusted headers, providing friendly URLS and meta tags optimization.

Link Building

Link building experts form Penguinbehaviour focus on providing high quality links directing to your websites. The links are largely responsible for the SEO campaign effectiveness.

Local SEO services

We offer comprehensive SEO services for local businesses. We will take care about opinions, ratings and reviews of our clients and provide comprehensive optimisation of Google My Business and local PCC services.

Clients testimonials

Our offer comprises a wide range of services related to areas such as website and online store design for SEO, built in accordance with the highest standards of usability and user-friendliness, Pay Per Click campaigns (AdWords), affiliate marketing, website audits, social media optimization and providing personalised e-mail marketing campaigns.

  • Thanks to Penguinbehavious, internet agency form Wroclaw we increased recognition of our business online. They are reliable professional, they always clearly explain all critical positioning points and other issues related to online marketing.

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