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Reputation management is an important element of online activities, especially considering tough competition present in almost any sector.
Offensive and fake company reviews are a challenge that have to be faced by the e-marketers in the search engine, on forums, blogs and social media. Sometimes, such reviews cause loss of credibility in the eyes of potential clients, resulting in a loss of profits.
Our specialists provide you with comprehensive protection of your online image, causing that negative reviews will fall in rankings, covered by the positive ones.

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Reputation is everything

We know that for a professional business, reputation is everything. Using social media and professional services, you can naturally build the reputation of your organization. However, the Internet is also a great threat: moving fast and taking a few wrong steps can quickly ruin years of efforts put into creation of positive image. That is why it is so important to hand the online activities over to the specialists.

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Consultations on the image protection

If you have problems with protecting your company online image, our reputation management consultants can provide effective solutions necessary to find the root cause of the problem and to de-position the negative and offensive comments with the positive reviews of your product or service. We have all required tools to comprehensively monitor the references to your website on the internet, so that no negative opinion slips our attention.

Our services

We offer services in the area of online image protection and reputation management, which include removing offensive comments from the search results, supressing them and lowering their visibility, and publishing positive comments and reviews in their place.


Examination and identification of every reference to your company, company name or brand that appears on the internet


Over years, we have developed effective methods of removing and de-positioning negative opinions from the top search engine results


We publish positive opinions on your products or services, to cover in this way the negative comments that could have been placed by unfair competition


New posts can appear anytime, therefore we are constantly monitoring the internet, looking for any references to your business, keeping our finger on pulse

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Effective reputation management gives you many benefits for your business

Our team uses techniques for de-positioning false opinions on our clients that were the victims of unfair competition attacks. We guarantee an effective and reliable care for your image.
As a part of Search Engine Reputation Management, we offer:

  • Removing negative information and news on the client, including defamation
  • Removing bad ratings, reviews and opinions
  • Removing false opinions from search results
  • Publishing positive opinions and reviews

What is our specialisation?

We are absolutely aware of the fact that every organisation requires reputation management, in different degree, and that it needs to have the rules and principles of conduct in sudden emergency situations that influence the company image.
We offer our services to any type of organization, regardless of the business sector.
Our actions are focused on optimisation and improvement of communication in the companies, effective management of published messages, immediate response in emergency situations, and comprehensive online PR services. We always bear in mind that a positive image and reputation that is once lost is extremely difficult to recover.

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Our offer comprises a wide range of services related to areas such as website and online store design for SEO, built in accordance with the highest standards of usability and user-friendliness, Pay Per Click campaigns (AdWords), affiliate marketing, website audits, social media optimisation and providing personalised e-mail marketing campaigns.

  • Penguinbehaviour employees on a number of occasions have reacted to false opinions on our company. They constantly keep the finger on pulse, and thanks to that we can successfully communicate with our clients.

    Rafał Malon
    Rafał Malon
    Chairman of the Board - Consultancy and Training Centre MALON

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