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Activity on social media platforms allow the companies to reach the clients hundreds miles away from them, giving the opportunity to build their brand awareness, resolve customers disputes, or involve the clients in interactions that can show positive aspects of business.
Coherent vision of the social media activities combined with SEO and PPC allow to develop a complex online marketing strategy, adapted to market demands and requirements. We encourage you to check out Social Media Marketing services which should play an integral and important role in the communication of any modern company!



We offer a wide range of high quality consulting services in the area of social media which can help you to implement effective communication with your customers and build a positive online image to confirm that your business is professionally managed.


W conduct advertising activities (e.g. Facebook Ads) on both the most popular social media platforms as well as the niche ones, ensuring in this way a diversification of the sources of your websites traffic, and potentially increasing sales.


We can prepare and publish high quality and attractive content for your social medial profiles. We take care about updating the information and monitoring the discussions on client's profiles, and engage in friendly conversation with your profile visitors.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a form of online marketing carried out on social media portals in order to bring communication profits, branding profits, create positive image and to publish advertisements and generate traffic website that can result in actual sale of your products or services.

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4 reasons why your company needs a Social Media management


Your customers use social media.

Regardless of your company business sector, your customers are using social media on a daily basis. That is why a presence in social media and often posts updates are so important.


Your potential customers might be looking for information about you.

If your company offers products or services, we can assume there are some users that might be looking for something that is in your offer. Our social media support services can help your organization establish new contacts, which can result in increased sales.


People talk about your organization on social media .

Listen and observe what they say about your company, respond to your clients problems and give them advice on the best solutions related to your products or services. As a part of our social media management services, we emphasise positive aspects of your business activities and assist your clients in emergency situations.


Modern company management means a professionalization of every business aspect.

Most of the company owners lack time and expert knowledge to manage social media on their own. One wrong move or comment may cause an avalanche of negative reviews of your company, and a reputation that is once lost might be difficult to get back, for one reason – the customers remember unprofessional behaviour of organisation, stigmatised by internet users.

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We are a young and ambitious team of internet marketing specialists. We create innovative advertising campaigns for small and medium-sized enterprises from various sectors (including business consulting, law, EU grants). The best recommendations we can get are the reviews of our satisfied clients that have many times used our assistance in their business online development. We approach every customer individually, examine their online situation, and offer solutions adapted to their expectations and aspirations.
And how can we help you?


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Our offer comprises a wide range of services related to areas such as website and online store design for SEO, built in accordance with the highest standards of usability and user-friendliness, Pay Per Click campaigns (AdWords), affiliate marketing, website audits, social media optimisation and providing personalised e-mail marketing campaigns.

  • Penguinbehaviour specialists manage our social media activities with great creativity. This allows us to quickly react to our client’s behaviour. We recommend Penguinbehaviour as an effective business partner.

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    Rafał Malon
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