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Online analysis allows us to take a closer look at the online visibility of your business. We carry out thorough verification of the design, functionality and content of your website.
Your business environment is analysed, to allow us to find the best solutions, giving your company a competitive edge. We present strengths and weaknesses of your online presence, at the same time providing you with clear guidance and areas for improvement in order to support the development of your business.
The results of our visibility analysis is a set of data and information professionally prepared by our team of analysts with the use of special tools designed for that purpose.

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Key elements of internet marketing strategy

Our experience tells us that every company, regardless of its size, should have a strategy for online business development. It is hard to imagine a business that would be able to significantly grow without at least a professional website and basic activities in the area of local business marketing – targeted at the customers a given area. Thanks to online involvement, we are able to both increase online visibility and expand our opportunities for branding. Going further, it gives us an opportunity to reach a much wider group of users who can become potential consumers of our products or services.
In order to determine the phase of online presence of your business, we will conduct a thorough visibility analysis. This analysis will help us establish how your company website is perceived by its users in comparison to your competition.

What is included in our online visibility analysis?

  • On-page and off-page analysis
  • Competition Comparison
  • Report on the website content
  • Position of your website with regards to keyword search phrases
  • Your Presence in Social Media
  • Brand visibility in search engines (Google/ Bing)
  • Design and usability of your website
  • Competition analysis
  • Website traffic analysis and determining the ways to increasing the traffic
  • Recommendations for the online development of your business

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Why is the online visibility analysis so important?

If you have never conducted a detailed online visibility analysis of your business before, it will be really difficult to make right observations and draw correct conclusions regarding marketing activities.
A preliminary analysis will allow us to set a reference point for the measurements of the effectiveness of performed actions, which must be measured again after few months in order to verify the effectiveness of online activities.
Visibility analysis also gives us clear guidelines on the areas for improvement in a given company. By showing the strengths and weaknesses of your business in this area, we are able to prepare actions aimed at further development and maintaining high quality of activities, as well as corrective actions that will significantly increase visibility of certain areas of your business activities.


Together with successive changes in the internet search engines functionality, the one aspect that gained great significance, not only in terms of SEO but also general online marketing, is brand visibility around the Internet – from organic results, through PPC campaigns and presence in industry portals, to Social Media.
In each of these areas, the visibility has effect on the website traffic, which currently is the most significant factor in website conversion.
Visibility analysis also comprises the analysis of your competition – this is why the verification of your online visibility cannot be completed without a comprehensive analysis of your business environment.

Keyword visibility analysis

With the use of expert marketing tools, we examine the visibility of the keywords currently used to position your website. We verify which of the keywords bring the most visitors, and which of the key phrases provide the best conversion. Then we prepare a report with areas for improvement - including the keywords that are used by your competition, which also have the potential to reach the TOP10 results of the major search engines and which may also significantly affect the traffic on the website.

Your competition visibility Analysis

We know the ways to check what keywords are used by your competition in organic positioning and what AdWords (PPC) paid marketing campaigns they carry out (keywords and content of the ads).
We are constantly watching your competition to get the information on the most effective solutions that allow them to get to the highest position in search engines, so that we can then use the SEO and implement them in your website.

Social Media visibility analysis

We will determine and compare your social media visibility to your competition. We create a long-term strategy based on selected, effective techniques that bring real benefits.

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What are the benefits for the implementation of the guidelines resulting from the visibility analysis?

Increase in keyword rankings

Increase in organic traffic (SEO)

Increase in search engine top 10 ranking

Increase in time spent on the website

Client testimonials

Our offer comprises a wide range of services related to areas such as website and online store design for SEO, built in accordance with the highest standards of usability and user-friendliness, Pay Per Click campaigns (AdWords), affiliate marketing, website audits, social media optimisation and providing personalised e-mail marketing campaigns.

  • We are happy to recommend the Penguinbehaviour advertising agency as a professional partner who has conducted a thorough online visibility analysis of our business. They recommended a number of changes, which brought more traffic from the Internet to our website, resulting in increased revenue and competitiveness on the market.

    Rafał Malon
    Rafał Malon
    Chairman of the Board - Consultancy and Training Centre MALON
  • Penguinbehaviour has helped us to increase our visibility on the Internet thanks to the online analysis of our business. This resulted in increases in the search results of our website. We recommend Penguinbehaviour as a proven expert in search engines marketing, who can guarantee continuous growth and development on the Internet.

    Małgorzata Wrońska
    Małgorzata Wrońska
    Exova BM TRADA

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